Limited Edition Wines


Familia Morcos Limited Edition Wines


A 12-month aging in oak barrels until 2017. During this period, the oak will transfer its characteristics in a slow and balanced way and will contribute more elegance and delicate hints such as aromas of vanilla, honey, dry fruits, sweet, herbaceous and balsamic spices. All in all, the aging provides more balance and distinction, which is why it is used for upper range wines.  
Familia Morcos Limited Edition Wines

Bonarda grape

A red grape that goes beyond your memories

Let yourself be invaded with this new aroma that is part of the beloved Argentine Wine. Vines become honorable representations in our mouth, a perfect place to welcome that personal encounter between you and wine.
New experiences for our palate with an excellent Bonarda that bring our origins back. This varietal has changed throughout time and has moved from its position of the “Ugly Duckling” to become an icon of premium wines during the last few years.
Everything about Bonarda: color, strength, gentle structure with Malbec. Bonarda is a variety with great potential for wine in Argentina and it´s considered the second most important red vine after Malbec. Our country is the only producer of this grape, which means it does not have any competitors from other countries.  

San Martín has the first Tasting Center which is dedicated to the Argentine Bonarda and is built in the form of a big barrel. With state-of-the-art technology and a 180 people capacity, this Center brings this leading varietal from Easter Mendoza into life.
This Bonarda Center is part of the Francisco Conference and Exhibition Center (it was named after Pope Francis and our national hero San Martín). The local concert “Música Clásica por los Caminos del Vino” and social tastings for Bonarda wines have taken place in this cultural Center.