Familia Morcos Frizant Wine


Familia Morcos Frizant Wine


State of the art and technology are joint to create and innovative product. A sparkling blend of two famous white varietals, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, is the base of this frizant wine. Golden color with fresh and sweet fruity flavors that are persistent in the palate. You should drink it very cold. An excellent companion for your parties. 
PH: A. Bonomi

The pleasure of a good Frizant Wine

Zahra by Familia Morcos

The Frizant Wine has become more popular between young people and women in the last years, specially, in night clubs. These bubbly drinks are fresh, light and gentle and ideal to serve in any event. They can also be drunk by any palate.  

To some people, the Frizant Wine is a refresh rather than a wine. No matter what the truth is, this trend is winning more and more followers and is becoming a chic trend.